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WELCOME to the official KUKAI FOUNDATION fanclub! This community is modded by kukaiser. Please read the rules, then feel free to register, and enjoy your stay!

  1. You must be a resident on a planet that is part of the Galactic Federation. We have to be strict about this; sorry!

  2. You must be a fan of Master Gaignun Kukai, "Little Master" Gaignun Kukai, Jr., Mary Godwin, and Shelley Godwin. No hate, please!

  3. Each member is required to recruit at least five (5) people each month. Promotional items will be given to you during each marketing period; failure to meet this quota will result in a possible loss of membership.

  4. Fanmail can be posted here; it will eventually be forwarded to our favorite Four. Responses are not guaranteed (they're busy people, right?), but delivery is!

  5. Fanworks (including art, fiction, and other sorts of creativity) are encouraged, as long as they are tasteful and respectful. Paparazzi are not appreciated, but may be allowed depending on the specific circumstances.

  6. No fighting! This community should be a friendly, pleasant place for everyone. :)

  7. ANY and ALL forms of bigotry (against humans, Realians, cyborgs, androids, et al.) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Such behavior will merit an INSTANT BAN. No exceptions!

  8. Be sure to check our email regularly once you sign up; the newsletter updates posted here will also be sent via the mailinglist.

  9. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


When you successfully join the club, please introduce yourself to the community with these details:

  • Name:

  • Age:

  • Location:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself:

  • Why do you love the Foundation Four?

  • Who is your favorite, and why?

  • What sort of Four-related fanworks have you done previously, if any?

  • Anything else?

This is obviously a community made just for fun; no harm or offense is intended. ♥ All characters, places, etc. are © Monolith Soft and NAMCO.